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I always had a feeling about my personality but this test confirmed what I thought all along. I took the test twice to see if the questions would change and see if the results would be any different. The test questions did change but not completely; however, the results remained the same. It was thought provoking, and interesting. It takes about 10 minutes depending on how quickly you can think through the question to answer. It is worth every penny.

Clara P. on June 21, 2020

Discover how your PDF Report can help you in just 30 seconds

👉 Do you want to improve your mental health and learn more about yourself?
👉 Or are you just curious about your Enneagram type?
👉 Do you want to improve relationship with others?
👉 Do you suffer from low self-esteem?
👉 Are you not being able to relax?
👉 Do you want to improve your patience and how you behave around people?
👉 Is it hard for you to focus?
👉 Are you overthinking all the time?
👉 Would you like to improve your confidence?
👉 Do you want to control you emotions better when you are in stressful situations?

Does this sound like you? Or maybe a loved-one?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this page will be the most important one you will ever read.

So, why is the Enneagram (and getting to know your personality type) so important for you?

Because you cannot change yourself until you understand who you actually are; your underlying personality, your strengths, your emotional and relational needs and your struggles. BUT - we CAN help you discover your personality type and reclaim harmony in your life and your relationships.


First, you need to UNDERSTAND a couple of things:

➤ Each and every one of us have three centers: feeling, thinking and instinctive.
➤ In our fast-paced modern lifestyles it is very easy for these centers to become scrambled.
➤ We often confuse our feelings with our instincts; our thoughts with our feelings and our instincts with our thoughts.

This means that in order to find harmony in our lives we need to work on ourselves so that we can truly feel with feeling center, think with thinking center and regulate our bodies with instinctive center.
By going deeper into these three centers, you can empower personal growth, enrich your relationships with family, friends and colleagues and finally become your best self.


It Is More Than Just a Test
In Your PDF Report You Will:


*A recent study published in the Journal of Adult Development found that participants who had taken the test and then received a minimum of 40 to 50 hours of coaching showed improvement in their personal development. The results of the study demonstrate that training related to Enneagram evaluations is advantageous in encouraging psychological growth and personal development.

If you are interested in making immediate changes in your life to promote personal and professional growth as well as to fortify all the important relationships in your life, DO NOT hesitate to consult us and get started on your own personal journey TODAY!

Here Is Exactly What You Will Get In Your PDF Report

✔︎Enneagram Personality Type

You will receive your Enneagram Personality Type and all the information and support you need to decode what it means for you and how to use those findings in your everyday life.
Are you a rational Reformer, an engaging Loyalist or a sensitive Individualist?

✔︎Your Wings and Basic Traits

We will also go through what your personality type means for your wings, basic traits, directions of integration, direction of disintegration and much more. You will get a full description of your Type and what it means for your life.

✔︎Customized PDF Report

All of this will be provided in a customized PDF report just for you, with all the information presented in an easily understandable way, with graphs and images to make it clear as possible.

✔︎ Other Information That We will Provide for You Includes:

Your Type’s Triad, Your Type’s Childhood Messages, Better understanding of how you react in stressful situations, How you can live in the present, living in essence, based on your Type, An immediate assessment of your current mental state, with clear levels from healthy, average to unhealthy.

✔︎ Simple Text and Undestandable as Possible

Everything we provide is made as simple and understandable as possible, so you can make the most of knowing about yourself and how to change your life.

✔︎ A Huge Package of Information (Essential Quality, Dominant Emotion Group, Hornevian Group, Dominant Affect Group...)

So overall, you will get a huge package of information, personalized just for you, to help you become the best you possible.

Your Type + Customized PDF Report (26 Pages) with Audio Guide

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