What Is The Best Online Enneagram Test?

Personality tests serve two distinct purposes. Firstly, as an individual it can help you grow personally, simply through better understanding your tendencies, likes and dislikes. This, in turn will affect your personal and professional relationships and help you deal with obstacles in your life.

Secondly, on a professional level, a personality test can offer employers added insight into an applicant’s personality, that may help them choose a better team to work with.

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There Are Several Personality Test Types Available Online

Although there are several personality test types available online, the oldest of these is definitely the Enneagram test. It was developed in the time of Pythagoras as far back as 495BC. Through a series of questions, it determines your personality type as one of nine possibilities.

Each of these personality types has a specific placement on a nine-pointed diagram, which illustrates the connections between the different types. The nine personality types are as follows:

  1. The Reformer – this person is the rational, idealistic type. They are principled, purposeful, self-controlled and often a perfectionist.
  2. The Helper – this is the caring, interpersonal personality type. They are demonstrative, generous, people pleasing and possessive.
  3. The Achiever – Achievers are success-oriented and pragmatic. They are adaptive, excelling, driven and image-conscious.
  4. The Individualist – They are sensitive and withdrawn. They can be expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed and temperamental.
  5. The Investigator – They are intensely cerebral with a perceptive, innovative, secretive, and isolated personality.
  6. The Loyalist – they are the committed, security-oriented type. They are engaging, responsible, anxious and suspicious.
  7. The Enthusiast – They are the busy, fun-loving type. They are spontaneous, versatile, distractible, and scattered.
  8. The Challenger – they are definitely the powerful and dominating type of the group. They are self-confident, decisive, willful and confrontational.
  9. The Peacemaker – They are easy-going, receptive, reassuring, agreeable and complacent.



Even if you have decided on the Enneagram test as you personality test of choice, it may be difficult to find the best test online. There are several websites that offer this service, but not all of them are equal in quality.

Here are a few questions you need to ask when selecting a test:

  • Is the test extensive and thorough?
  • Does it offer and explanation of your test results?
  • Does it offer you the option to explore these results professionally?

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